Beyond Borders: Unveiling the Mystical Realms of ‘WHERE ARE YOU FROM’

Welcome to a world where the question “Where are you from?” becomes a whimsical journey into the extraordinary. In my latest collection, aptly titled ‘WHERE ARE YOU FROM,’ I invite you to explore a realm where animals adorned with human eyes beckon you to transcend the limitations of geography and delve into the magic of existence.
Beyond the animals’ eyes that meet yours, lies a universal connection. We are all part of a grand tapestry, woven with threads of imagination, wisdom, patience, and the insatiable curiosity to explore. The collection encourages you to embrace the nonsensical nature of the “Where are you from?” question and celebrate the shared experience of being cosmic wanderers.The overarching theme of ‘WHERE ARE YOU FROM’ is a playful mockery of the mundane question that often lingers in our encounters. Through whimsy and symbolism, these artworks challenge the relevance of geographical origins. We are all denizens of a mysterious and whimsical universe, each with our own unique stories and experiences.

I’m from the pond, where are you from?

I am from the pond, where are you from poster

Nastaran Mazloumi is an illustrator who is fascinated with colours and searching for visual meanings and symbols as means of expressions. She tends to apply mixed media to create imaginative, thought provoking pieces by using strong and bold colours.

Her first experiences as an artist was at the age of 7. She was fascinated by the illustrated fairytales of Hans Christian Anderson such as”The Emperor’s New Clothes”, “The Little Mermaid”, “The Little Match Girl”, “The Red Shoes”, “The Princess and the Pea” and “The Snow Queen”. She was spending the whole summer holiday on drawing her fairytale characters and sometimes creating her owns. From then on she got hooked!

I’m from the realm of cosmic inquiry, where are you from?

I’m from the cosmic inquiry, where are you from?

Transport yourself to a realm where the Tree of Life stands tall, and upon its highest branch, a wise crow holds court. Ancient books cascade like a gentle rain, surrounding the avian sage in a swirling dance of knowledge. With furrowed brows that seem to carry the weight of centuries, the crow’s gaze is an embodiment of profound wisdom, inviting you to ponder the very essence of existence. As he perches, the crow is immersed in contemplation, delving into the mysteries of creation and the mystical knowledge that envelopes his being. Suddenly, the silence is interrupted—a curious viewer gazes up at the scene. The crow, caught in the act of deep reflection, turns his gaze downward with a subtle twist of the head, questioning the newcomer in a top-down manner. A silent dialogue unfolds, the crow’s eyes whispering, “Who is this person? What are they doing here?” It’s a moment of connection, bridging the mystical musings of the crow with the inquisitive nature of the observer, blurring the boundaries between the viewer and the enchanted world before them.

I’m from eternity, where are you from?

I’m from eternity, where are you from?

Enter the ethereal expanse where the giraffe, a symbol of patience, stands as a serene sentinel in a magical fairyland. Amidst the enchanting landscape adorned with vibrant mushrooms frozen in time, the giraffe exudes a tranquility that transcends earthly confines. But, let me share with you a glimpse into the essence of this gentle giant. Behold the giraffe, a hybrid of human eye and a graceful giraffe body. She once bore the spirit of a fighter inherited from her human counterpart, yet she has long decided to relinquish that battle. No longer a fighter, she embraces life’s currents with a profound patience that speaks volumes. Approaching with a deliberate yet gentle pace, she bends her neck, fixing her innocent eyes upon you. In her gaze lies a silent question – “What are you doing here? Who are you?” It’s an invitation to join her in the art of waiting, a pledge to endure indefinitely. From the depths of eternity, she reassures with a whisper, “There is nothing to be worried about here; let us wait together, for time is but a fleeting illusion.”

I’m from heaven, where are you from?

I'm from heaven where are you from ?

Embark on an adventure within the lush paradise, where a majestic peacock dons a Sherlockian hat and round glasses, transforming into a witty investigator. Enveloped by a riot of colors and blooms, this investigator gazes at you with a captivating mix of curiosity and discernment. But there’s more to this paradise-dwelling detective than meets the eye. The peacock, having transitioned from the earthly realm, now revels in the luxury of unlimited time. In this floral haven, surrounded by the essence of tranquility, the investigator reflects upon the unfulfilled desires and dreams left behind on Earth. Previously entangled in the pursuit of survival and financial endeavors, now, with time as his ally, he dedicates moments to pursuits he once yearned for. The investigator turns his perceptive eyes toward you, the viewer, analyzing your personality and energy. And in that contemplative gaze lies a playful query, “Oh, by the way, where are you from?” A subtle invitation to engage in a cosmic conversation, transcending the boundaries of time and space within this paradisiacal realm.

I’m from the ocean, where are you from?

I'm from the ocean, where are you from ?

Welcome to the watery realm where ocean currents weave tales of mysteries and adventures. Meet a fish unlike any other, a creature brimming with a unique blend of naughtiness, wit, curiosity, and a touch of seriousness. This aquatic maven is no ordinary denizen of the ocean; he’s a confident voyager who has traversed the vast depths, unraveling the secrets held within the world’s aquatic tapestry.
This fish, a guru of the ocean waves, possesses a youthful spirit and an abundance of wisdom gathered through countless underwater escapades. With an inquisitive nature and a cheeky demeanor, he’s explored every nook and cranny of the ocean, knowing the perfect words to say, the ideal routes to take, and the mysteries hidden beneath the ocean’s surface. He stands as the sage of the sea, offering insights into the aquatic wonders that most can only dream of.
Approach this ocean oracle with your questions, for he is open to sharing his vast knowledge and experiences. However, there’s a catch – before engaging in the exchange of oceanic wisdom, he requires an introduction. Share your origins, your story, and your place in the vast cosmic tapestry. Have you introduced yourself to this aquatic guru? If not, dive into the depths and make your acquaintance. Unveil the mysteries of your existence, and let the cosmic currents carry you into a dialogue with the ocean oracle, where the waves whisper tales of the world beneath the surface.